Visit Huset, Svalbard

Huset, on the outskirts of Longyearbyen on Svalbard reveals a surprising past and whisper of luxury, as well as a fantastic wine cellar. Read more to find out about this must-visit restaurant

 From a distance, Huset looks like a relic from the industrial ages. Not particularly attractive, yet with a certain charm in this cold and rather barren landscape on the outskirts of Longyearbyen on Svalbard. Walking to Huset from the centre of town (well if you can call Longyearbyen a town with just over 2000 inhabitants), we looked left, right and behind rather often just to make sure we were not being eyed-up by a local Polar Bear.  However, as we approached the main door, hints of grandeur started to emerge, revealing a surprising past and whisper of luxury.

Huset remains today one of the most important places to visit and eat on Svalbard. Built in 1948, in the past Huset´s cafe sold food and drink as well as gold jewellery, precious stones, clothing, fishing and hunting equipment.  Today, the restaurant is famous for its high quality food, but for me the wine cellar is one of the most interesting aspects of a visit here.

The wine cellar started its life as a choir practice room and the first wines were delivered at the beginning of the 1990´s. Today Huset has one of Northern Europe´s largest wine cellars with over 20,000 bottles. What began as a private collection in the 1980´s by Hroar Holm the previous CEO, is today taken care of by Huset´s team of sommeliers. As we had a guided tour round the wine cellars, the sommelier proudly told as that they had been awarded «Two Wine Glass» rating by Wine Spectator, the wine equivalent of Michelin star ratings.


For more information about Huset visit their official website  here